• Mom: why is everything on the floor?
  • Me: gravity mom


once i had a dream that my cat was working at mcdonalds w/ me and she had a lil uniform and she kept getting fur in the fries and everyone was yelling at me and saying “ur cat sucks on fries” and i was like “shes just a cat give her a break!” and i woke up crying

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Dennis Gijsbers 

touch me

lost all my morals……

oh sweet baby jesus

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Friend: If you had a superpower, which one would you choose?



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"You were red. You liked me cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you."
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"Don’t be so vain to think that you ruined me, that you wrecked me, destroyed me. I am the only one who has the power to do that. I loved you, and I ruined myself, I wrecked myself, I destroyed myself. And I will keep doing so for as long as I am breathing."


The mailman brings my dog a treat every day. This is what she does when she hears the truck approaching our street